Over the past few weeks, Jennifer Drummond interviewed new, continuing, and outgoing volunteers about their experience with James River Writers, what they are reading, and their current writing projects.

Today, we turned the tables on Jennifer, a long-time and very busy JRW volunteer, as Executive Director Katharine Herndon asked her about her volunteerism.

Katharine: Tell us what your role was with JRW, how long you volunteered, and what that job was like.

Jennifer: I have been the newsletter editor and then I started doing only parts of the newsletter- Get Your Word On. That has been the bulk of my volunteer work at JRW since 2012. I have also volunteered for two Writers Conferences sponsored by JRW. I enjoyed working with the people.

What were your favorite and least favorite aspects of your volunteer role?

I saw it all as a great opportunity to learn and serve. However, I really liked the Writing Conference. It was a chance to see successful writers share, inspire, and encourage. It was also a time to be a part of the fellowship and positive energy provided by everyone who attended.

What did you learn about JRW behind the scenes that you’d like to share with other people?

There are so many hard working people who really care about JRW and the community it serves.

Why should people consider giving their limited time and bountiful talents to volunteering with JRW or another organization?

When you volunteer you often get so much more than you have given. When you volunteer, I think it shows that you have enough joy in your life and you want to share that without something in return.

How has JRW impacted your life as you volunteered and participated?

I have met a lot of wonderful people whom I might not have ever had the chance to meet. I’ve met nationally recognized authors and people who should be recognized nationally for the good work they do. I was able to learn about what it takes to be a published author and the many ways to go about it. I was also able to share in the joy and excitement of the achievement of others.

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