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Tax-deductible donations help fulfill a central role in our goal as a nonprofit.

When making decisions about how to execute our mission, there are many considerations that must be taken into account. We are constantly balancing the desire to expand our reach and serve our current members to the best of our ability while being mindful of our very real budget constraints.

While program registrations (including the annual James River Writers Conference, The Writing Show, and Master Classes) make up the bulk of JRW’s funding, registrations don’t make us money. The entirety of the ticket sales goes back into producing the program.

We strive to make our programming as accessible and affordable as possible. We can’t realize our mission to build community if people can’t attend our programs. So, we reach for the midpoint between charging enough for programming that we don’t sink our budget while making it affordable for as many people as possible.

Direct donations, including corporate and personal gifts, make up the second largest source of our funding. A large number of our donations are under $100 yet, cumulatively, they allow us to close the gap on our programming shortfalls. We also depend upon them to help us bring in exciting speakers from outside the Richmond area, rent event space, and cover ever-increasing costs.

We are also thankful for the generosity and vision of the business community and the public sector in central Virginia. By expanding our region’s literacy and enriching its culture, we strengthen its social and economic fabric.

If our community support were to disappear, the entire organization would begin to teeter. We would need to dramatically cut back or end programming, which could lead to a loss of support among membership and an erosion of the community we’ve been striving to build for more than a decade.

As a show of appreciation, JRW gives a complimentary yearly membership to individuals who donate at least $250 or sponsor an event at or above the $500 level.

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