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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Pencil by Sheri Blume


Richmond International Film Festival partners with JRW to bring you an evening with screenwriters, directors and producers. Whether you’re a movie lover, aspiring screenwriter or a writer looking to recycle your unpublished novel, enjoy an opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn about the business and craft of getting a script produced.

If you want to make the writing in your screenplay, novel or short story better, you’ll find out how filmmakers use plot and dialogue to build better movies. Be sure to join JRW and the Richmond International Film Festival for this special Writing Show event.

Screenwriters, if you have a pitch honed to elevator length, no longer than one minute, come prepared to give it, and we will have the producers give feedback on as many as we can.



ImogeneDrummond100Imogene Drummond is the artist/writer/director of “Between Silence & the Sea,” a lyrical meditation about memory, experience and inspiration. She also adapted her seminal Divine Sparks poem into Divine Sparks, the award winning film. She is currently developing an accompanying Divine Sparks Arts, Creativity and Literacy Guide to facilitate individual creativity in diverse educational venues.



ImogeneDrummond100Michael Gibrall is a Top 12 Official Selection screenwriter. He is also a two-time Emmy award winner, once for his work on the NFL Draft for ESPN and once directing a local newscast. He has written several feature and short screenplays since 2010 in various genres and has been nominated 6 times at film festivals and competitions across the country. Michael wrote, produced and directed the children’s television pilot “The Learning Curves,” which was shot in Richmond. His screenplay in the festival is “Available,” a Romantic Dramedy.


BrentMartz100Brent Martz is the producer of “Not Today” which features compelling performances by veteran actors John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard), Cody Longo (Hollywood Heights), Walid Amini and Shari Rigby. “Not Today” follows the lives of two “Dalit’s,” members of the lowest caste in India’s caste system. Brent is also the creative ministries pastor at Friends Church in Yorba Linda California and no stranger to large scale entertainment with a purpose. Brent wrote, directed and produced an interactive musical-drama based on the last week in the life of Christ, which ran for three years.


RonNewcomb100Ron Newcomb – “The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers”

Ron is a writer, producer and director. He has been a script and production consultant on several projects. He has been a training instructor in several areas of filmmaking. Ron is an alumnus of the distinguished Act One Writing Program in 2004 and the Dov S-Siemans Film school in 2008. He has been involved in several other film events and workshops throughout the DC area. He has worked on features and many short films.


ScottMathias100Scott Mathias – “The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers”

Scott has written and co-written several full length films, including OAP’s projects “The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers”, “Eulogy for a Stranger” and “Fear.” He is currently working on a graphic novel and other projects he is working to publish. Scott has been a journalist and business writer for over 20 years, writing about about everything from art to politics to health. He is a communications graduate of Virginia Tech and Wheaton College.



JulieGeen100Julie Geen is a freelance writer for Style Weekly and has a monthly column in Belle magazine. Several of her essays have been published in anthologies. Julie teaches creative writing through Richmond Young Writers and has also been a program assistant for ART 180. Currently, she is turning one of her screenplays into a novel, and from there maybe a Facebook post. Before she had the courage to start writing, Julie did a variety of things in a variety of places, including numerous retail jobs in Colorado, nannying in Scotland and a stint as a massage therapist in San Francisco.

Not sure about attending the February Writing Show?  See what Julie has to say about screenwriting.

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