Grades 3-5 Winners

First Place: Caroline James
Grade 3, St. Michael’s Episcopal School
“My Favorite Place”

In my favorite place, the smell of homemade waffles wakes you up every morning. In my favorite place the feeling of the sun, like a sweater on your back, keeps you going all day.

It isn’t unusual for the clouds to touch the water during a crimson red sunset. To enjoy an ice cream cone, bare feet dangling on the dock’s worn edge, is an everyday occurrence. To skip through town, soaking wet from capsizing a boat, your feet in sandals (drenched of course) is a normal feeling. Strolling down the street, throwing a treat to every dog you come across, is a daily pleasure.

At night after a long day of sailing and who knows what else, it’s oh so nice to jump into bed and dream of the smell of waffles waking you up the next morning.

I dream of another day in Oriental, North Carolina.

Honorable Mention: Tory Farmer
Grade 5, St. Michael’s Episcopal School

If there is such a thing as a snow drift,
there ought to be a snow wave.
If there’s a snowy mountain,
there’s also a snowy cave.
If there’s such a thing as a snowball,
there ought to be a snow square.
There isn’t a snowy ostrich,
but there’s a snowy bear.

If there’s a snowflake,
there will be a snow flick.
I could have a snow tock,
but I want a snow tick.
There would be snow soap,
but I’d use snow shampoo.
A snowman is so old–
But a snow woman would be new.

If there’s a snow day,
there’d be a snow night.
I could make snow peace,
but I want a snow fight.
I know you want a snow something,
because I want one too.
I have many snow somethings–
how about you?

Grades 6-8 Winners

First Place: Alex Norman
Grade 6, Goochland Middle School
“The Girl with a Sword”

I find myself staring at the plain, white board,
about half the size of my door.
Wanting to draw a girl with a sword,
but finding myself on the floor.

I pace the perimeter of my room,
Longing for a breath of fresh air.
The words in the sky they float on by,
Can only catch a ride if you dare.

I come away from the window and back to the board,
Picturing myself as the girl with a sword.
Knowing it’s nothing but canvas and wood,
I think to myself you never could

… But if someday I could slay
That beast with all my might
I would say Hello, how are you today?
This may be your last night.

As my pencil hits the paper,
my drawing comes to life.
Here’s an arm and there’s a leg,
And that’s your long steel knife.

You work so hard at what you do
You try so you may earn
You listen when a storm comes through
And someday you will learn

I’m not something you can control
I’m not a Lady nor a Lord
I’m what lies inside my soul,

I am the Girl with a Sword.

Honorable Mention: Austin Peters
Grade 6, Chester Middle School
“The Outdoors”

The tree line stretched on forever, never seeming to end
We ran rapidly down the red dirt trail rising ’round the mountains.
The river slithered around the mountains like a snake moving around rocks.
The bugs, taunting, laughing, and teasing, watching our every move.
The day stretched on for what felt like weeks, then met its match, turned to dusk then to night.
We sat up in the daylight hours, only to chow down on the dark ones.
We rested by the fire, going snap, shhhh, pop!

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