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Forum Rules and Code of Conduct

Welcome to the James River Writers community forum. We are striving to create a new way for our members to communicate and connect in a welcoming environment. With that in mind, please be aware that we will strictly adhere to our usual Code of Conduct in our forum. We treat this virtual space in the same manner as any regular JRW event, like The Writing Show or our annual conference.

In short, please be mindful of your fellow community members and keep conversation civil. Attacking, flaming, or insulting other members won’t be tolerated and will be deleted immediately.

Usage of JRW’s forum is a benefit granted as a part of annual membership to James River Writers. If abusive behavior persists, users can potentially be banned from the boards.

Tread into sensitive subjects like politics and religion lightly. We understand that no subject is off limits in our works and hot topics potentially enter our writing. As above, we ask all participants to be respectful and thoughtful in their comments. Moderators have the discretion to close any thread that is becoming combative.

No disparaging or libelous posts about others in the industry — including other writers, agents, or publishers. If users have concerns about the industry, it is possible to discuss matters without hurling insults or name calling.

Moderators have the final say and JRW reserves the right to edit, move, or delete posts as moderators see fit.

Thank you for being a member of JRW’s virtual community and have fun posting!

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