The Lucy Booth

Lucy Booth - The Psychiatrist Is InThe doctor is in! Have you ever wondered:

  • If your sociopathic villain’s broken home was enough to put him over the edge?
  • Do the traits you’ve given your hero match a certain personality disorder?
  • Do you have a unique narrator with a certain personality type or a specific psychological disorder?
  • Is your character’s lapse in memory plausible?
  • Do you have a character with addiction issues?
  • Are your child characters’ actions likely for their age?
  • Is your depiction true to reality?

If you’ve ever wondered any of these things, come to the JRW LUCY BOOTH.

Our “doctor” isn’t actually Charlie Brown’s friend Lucy, it’s a licensed psychologist who can help you analyze your character or situation and answer questions about personality, mental illnesses, family dynamics, motivation, human development, and so forth.

This is a one-of-a-kind conference opportunity to add depth to your character portrayals. No appointment necessary.

Just drop by the booth in the designated hours, and Lucy . . . um . . . a real psychologist. . . will offer 10 minute sessions.