Whether or not you can attend the JRW Annual Writing Conference, we invite you to become a conference sponsor or supporter. We offer many opportunities to become a conference sponsor:

  • For $500, you can sponsor a break-out session for the conference, which will include advertising on the JRW website and at the event.
  • For a $250 donation, you can sponsor a student or teacher’s attendance at the conference with a conference scholarship.
  • For a $100 gift, you can become a Friend of Literature or have your materials stuffed in a conference tote bag given to every conference participant (see more about Tote Bag Stuffing below).

If you’re interested in learning more, contact Katharine Herndon, Executive Director, at [email protected].

Tote Bag Stuffing

Do you have a stash of bookmarks, postcards, or flyers trumpeting a literary achievement or a service related to writing or reading? Send us 400 of your items, and we’ll put one in each conference tote bag. Check the box to pay a $100 stuffing fee, and a volunteer will contact you to make delivery arrangements. Please, no business cards. Items must be received by no later than Tuesday, October 2, 2018.