Included with your conference registration is the opportunity for one individual session with a literary agent and one consultation session with a writing coach, based on availability. These are optional sessions, which must be scheduled in advance unless otherwise announced.

These appointments are not transferable to others and no one can have more than one agent meeting and one writing coach consultation. Appointment slots are limited. 


When you register for the conference you will be able to select your first and second choices for agents and one choice for a writing coach. Your second agent choice indicates who you would like to see if your first choice is not available. It is not a second meeting.

By early September, we will send you further information about your scheduled appointment(s). Please do not contact us with questions about scheduling until after that time.

These individual meetings are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis and may fill up. Early registration is recommended to ensure you can take advantage of these opportunities.

Fifteen (15) minutes before your meeting is scheduled, please report to the check-in desk at room E11B, and let the volunteers know you’re present for your meeting. One-on-one meetings with agents are limited to eight (8) minutes.  The meetings with writing coaches are no more than (16) sixteen minutes.

If you are on the waitlist, please check in at the one-on-one desk outside E11B when you arrive and let the volunteers know the best way to contact you if a slot becomes available. Checking in is the only way for us to know if we should keep you on the waitlist.

On Selecting an Agent or Writing Coach

How to make the best use of your appointment

We are pleased to offer a diverse selection of agents who represent a wide range of genres. However, please note, not all genres are available. When reviewing which agents you would like to select as your first and second choices on your conference registration form, review each bio carefully to make sure you are selecting agents who represent the type of work you write. It’s a waste of your time and theirs (not to mention taking an appointment that might be a good match for someone else) if you pitch an agent on your inspirational memoir when the agent primarily represents young adult science fiction and fantasy. Choose carefully to maximize the benefit to everyone.

When selecting a writing coach, review each of their bios carefully so you can select someone who can offer advice on the genre in which you write. If they are a nonfiction writer, for example, they might not be able to help you with your zombie apocalypse novel.

Here is our list of agents and writing coaches who will have one-on-one appointments available this year. (Page updated 7/12/19)


Malaga Baldi

Malaga Baldi

Malaga Baldi has worked as an independent literary agent since 1986. The Baldi Agency is an eclectic agency specializing in literary fiction, memoir and cultural history. She worked as a cashier at Gotham Book Mart, in the Ballantine Books Publicity Department, as an associate at Candida Donadio & Associates and the Elaine Markson Agency before going out on her own. Baldi believes the strength of the author’s voice and the heart of the story to be key when considering new work. Baldi graduated from Hampshire College and lives in NYC.

Interests at the Baldi Agency include
General fiction
Cultural history
Literary fiction
Creative nonfiction
Gay/lesbian fiction
Hybrid/creative nonfiction

Twitter: @malagabaldi

Brenna English-Loeb - Appointment Slots Are Full

Brenna English Loeb

Brenna English-Loeb comes to Transatlantic Agency (TLA) after working for several years at Janklow & Nesbit Associates and Writers House, where she had the pleasure of working with New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors across multiple genres. At TLA she’s excited to grow her list of speculative and suspenseful fiction in both YA and adult, as well as adult nonfiction, in collaboration with senior agents.

She is specifically looking for works of YA and adult science fiction, fantasy, and suspense, as well as some adult literary fiction. She loves space operas, myth and fairy tale retellings, survival stories, epistolary novels, and heists. She also has a soft spot for stories that blend multiple genres and for works by and about underrepresented groups and identities.

Aspects of a work that are sure to catch her eye include: evocative atmospheres, character-driven plots, a sense of adventure, and narratives that reveal a deep knowledge of a particular subject. She also loves old tropes made new again, unreliable narrators, and power imbalances.

For nonfiction, Brenna is looking for serious, groundbreaking sociological work that holds our culture up to the magnifying glass. She also loves accounts of historical events and people that deserve to be better known, as well as unusual and influential object histories.

Twitter: @benglishhh

Anna Knutson Geller

Anna Knutson Geller

Anna Knutson Geller has nearly twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, ranging from editor to literary scout to rights director to agent. She founded Write View, a literary agency with a focus on practical nonfiction, spirituality, and inspirational memoir, in 2016. She previously worked at Maria B. Campbell Associates and at The Book Group, and she has been on the faculty of the Columbia Publishing Course since 2011. 

Her areas of interest are spirituality (especially Eastern), health and well-being, lifestyle, personal development, parenting and relationships, personal finance, social activism, and inspirational memoir. She takes on limited fiction projects, but she will consider fiction provided it has a spiritual aspect.


Marie Lamba - Appointment Slots Are Full

Marie Lamba

Marie Lamba is author of the picture book Green Green(Farrar Straus Giroux), of the upcoming picture book A Day So Gray(Clarion), and of the YA novels What I Meant… (Random House), Over My Head, and Drawn. Marie is also a Literary Agent at the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency (, where she represents picture book writers and illustrators, middle grade, YA and adult fiction, plus memoir.

She is currently seeking middle grade and young adult fiction, especially with diverse points of view, or a STEM tie-in. She also wants general adult fiction and women’s fiction. She would love to find an original women’s novel that would inspire the next smart and funny chick flick. She also represents a select number of established illustrators and picture book authors. She’d love a fresh non-gory ghost story for any age. I’m fascinated with hidden treasures, artifacts, and with discovering ancient civilizations right beneath our feet. She’s a huge fan of folklore and fairy tales, and, while she wouldn’t want a retelling, she always enjoys those elements woven into a story in a unique way. Overall, books that are original, moving and/or hilarious are especially welcome.

​She also represents non-fiction for children and for adults. For children’s, she’s open to most non-fiction subjects, especially ones that fit into my interests (see above). In the adult realm, she wants memoirs with strong voices and unique, inspiring stories (especially foodie memoirs, or ones with a celebrity or pop culture connection). In non-fiction, she’s seeking narrative non-fiction, pop culture, history (little known or unique view of well-known), science and technology for the rest of us, art, biography (especially unknown/little known sides of well-known people), parenting, cooking and food, health and wellness, lifestyle, advice and relationships, and personal finance.

Overall, she’s especially looking for non-fiction that is inspiring and hopeful. She has a special interest in social justice, in titles that elevate and celebrate women and diverse people, and in books that aim to improve our society and help our environment.


Twitter: @marielamba

Beth Marshea

Beth Marshea

Beth Marshea is the owner and Lead Agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency. She represents work from diverse authors with a special focus on underrepresented voices in both Adult and YA. She represents literary fiction, speculative fiction, mystery, and thriller, as well as narrative nonfiction and memoir. For a complete list of what Ladderbird is interested in, please see their submission page.

Twitter: @ladderbirdlit

Maureen Moretti

Maureen Moretti

Maureen Moretti began her publishing career as an intern with several prestigious literary agencies before joining P.S. Literary Agency as an associate agent. She holds a B.A. from Saint Mary’s College of California, and attended the Columbia Publishing Course where she fell in love with New York City. She loves narrative non-fiction, especially biography, culture and history but reads widely in commercial fiction with a soft spot for upmarket women’s fiction and romance.

Maureen is actively acquiring both non-fiction and fiction. Within non-fiction she is searching for narrative nonfiction, culture, history, biography, LGBTQ+, cookbooks and lifestyle. Within fiction she is looking for women’s fiction, romance, LGBTQ+, select science fiction, literary fiction and genre-bending unique voices.

Twitter: @maureen_moretti

Christina Morgan

Christina Morgan portrait

Christina Morgan has worked in book publishing since 2005. She has worked for Curtis Brown LTD., HarperCollins, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt prior to joining Serendipity. She is interested primarily in literary fiction, crime fiction, and narrative nonfiction in the categories of pop culture, sports, current events and memoir.  



Paige Wheeler

Paige Wheeler

As the founder of Creative Media Agency, Inc., Paige Wheeler has merged her creativity and business savvy to create an agency that is dedicated to maximizing author potential. With over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, Paige is propelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, ignited by the thrill of discovery. Through all of her professional endeavors, Paige has ventured to support her clients and their unique voices in an unprecedented way. In 2006, Paige also became a founding partner of Folio Literary Management, LLC. Through CMA, she is now able to manage the intellectual property rights of authors by selling both domestic and foreign rights, and co-agenting film and audio rights.

Paige is interested in all commercial fiction and upscale (think book club) fiction, as well as women’s fiction, romance (all types), mystery, thrillers, inspirational/Christian and psychological suspense. She enjoys both historical fiction as well as contemporary fiction. In nonfiction she’s looking for both narrative nonfiction and prescriptive nonfiction. She’s looking for books where the author has a huge platform and something new to say in a particular area. Some of the areas that she likes are lifestyle, relationship, parenting, business/entrepreneurship, food-subsistence-homesteading topics, popular/trendy reference projects and women’s issues.


Writing Coaches

These writing coaches are available to meet in one-on-one sessions with conference attendees. 

Note: All writing coach appointments are full. 

Phaedra Hise - Appointment Slots Are Full

Phaedra Hise portrait

Phaedra Hise is a lifelong journalist who started her career at Inc Magazine. She has written five books, and has worked with national publications including Fortune, Popular Mechanics, Glamour, and the Wall Street Journal. Phaedra currently works in brand publishing and heads the content department for Legacy Navigator. She also writes regularly about food, and lives in Richmond, VA, with her family. @hiphaedra

Phaedra will offer feedback on your article idea or written pitch, help you brainstorm possible markets, and give you expert tips to prepare your pitch to send off to editors. If you have a written pitch, please arrive with two copies.

Dean King - Appointment Slots Are Full


Dean King is the author of The Feud, which the WSJ called, “popular history as it ought to be written,” and nine other books. His national bestseller Skeletons on the Zahara was translated into ten languages and optioned by Steven Spielberg. Dean is the chief story teller of two History Channel documentaries and a producer of its unscripted series Hatfields and McCoys. His writing appears in Esquire, Granta, Outside, and The New York Times. @deanhking

Dean will offer feedback on the first page of your nonfiction manuscript and/or your nonfiction book proposal. Please arrive with two copies of your first page or proposal.

David L. Robbins - Appointment Slots Are Full


David L. Robbins began writing fiction in 1997 and has published fourteen novels, with repeated visits to the NY Times best-seller list. He is also an award-winning screenwriter, essayist, and playwright. David is a founder of James River Writers; co-founder of the Podium Foundation, which supports the practice of writing for Richmond area youth; and creator of The Mighty Pen Project, helping Virginia veterans turn their memories of service into written narratives. The Virginia Commission for the Arts named David one of the two Most Influential Literary Artists in the state for the last 50 years. @DavidLRobbins

Take advantage of this opportunity to hone your book’s first pages as David offers you his personal insights to help make your first pages shine. Please arrive with two copies of your first five pages.